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Robin Panneton, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Robin Panneton graduated with a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1985. Under the supervision of Dr. Tony DeCasper, she studied fetal and newborn perception of sounds associated with the mother's voice during late human gestation. She went on to post-doctoral positions at the University of Rochester (Dr.  Dick Aslin) and the Rose F. Kennedy Center (Dr. Diane Kurtzberg) before joining the faculty in the Department of Psychology at Virginia Tech in 1989.

Research Interests: Speech Perception in infancy; face+voice integration during language learning; developing speech and language; eye tracking; heart-rate defined attention

Current Graduate Student


Caroline Taylor

Developmental Grad Student

Caroline graduated from Emory & Henry College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. She joined the iLEAP Lab as a graduate student in Fall 2018. Caroline is interested in language learning and the underlying mechanisms that accompany this process; in particular, socioeconomic risk. She is also interested in the potential impact parenting has on language development.

Research Interests: Infant Emotion and Attention, Language Learning and Development, and Socioeconomic Status

Undergraduate Research Assistants - Spring 2021

Chandler Gavin

Chandler is a junior at Virginia Tech majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Spanish. She aspires to attend Physician’s Assistant School after graduation and pursue a career working with children. She is interested in studying cognitive behavior in infants and children.  

Chelsea Kumi

Chelsea is a Clinical Neuroscience major in the honors college. She intends on pursuing medical school after graduation. She hopes to become a physician and continue research in psychology or neuroscience.

Rachel Williams

Rachel is a sophomore at Virginia Tech majoring in Biological Sciences and Psychology, and is from Quartz Hill, California. She hopes to attend Physician's Assistant School after graduation, with a focus on pediatrics. She is interested in the cognitive development of infants and children

Sammy Vadlamani

Sammy is a sophomore at Virginia Tech from Richmond, VA majoring in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience with a minor in Language Sciences. She hopes to attend graduate school for Speech Language Pathology and is interested in working with young children with language and/or feeding disorders. 

Undergraduate Research Alumni


Natalie Boyle

Natalie Boyle is a junior at Virginia Tech majoring in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise, minoring in Psychology. She intends to pursue Physician Assistant School after graduation and continue her passion for research in genetics. She is interested in studying the psychological changes made throughout childhood development.